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089 Our Working Environments Due to COVID-19: An Interview with Simon Townsend Part 2 of a Two-Part Interview

In this episode, Christina Martini and Simon Townsend discuss:

  • Security issues that working from home presents to organizations. 
  • Security tips for work from home users. 
  • Developing a home setup for the best work environment for long term sustainability. 
  • Disaster recovery and what that looks like for the future. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Ransomware has not gone away and, in 2020, there is an increase in ransomware in part due to the vulnerability of an individual working away from the unsecured networks of an office environment. 
  • Make sure you are running the latest, most recently updated version of the technology products you are using. 
  • Having one day that is a no video conference call day will make your teams more productive and focused during that time. 
  • We don’t know yet how quickly we will be returning to work, whether we will be returning to work, or what will be coming in the future with the pandemic. With the uncertainty, a mobile work strategy is required. 


“This pandemic is going to teach us is that people do not need to go to work to get work done. And going to work, while will have some benefits, the office that you go to might just be one of the places in the future that you go to get your work done. Any solution from this point forward should really look at how it can accommodate mobile working and deliver the best security, the best performance, and the best way of allowing our employees to continue to be productive regardless of where they are.” —  Simon Townsend


Connect with Simon Townsend:

Twitter: @Simon_Townsend


LinkedIn: Simon Townsend

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Connect with Christina Martini:

Twitter: @TinaMartini10


LinkedIn: Christina Martini




Show notes by Podcastologist: Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie


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About the author, Christina Martini

For nearly 25 years, Christina (Tina) Martini has been an intellectual property attorney practicing in BigLaw. Tina is a partner at the law firm McDermott Will & Emery and focuses her practice on domestic and international trademark and copyright law, as well as domain name, Internet, social media, advertising and unfair competition law.

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