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050 Finding Your Rhythm and Voice as a Leader — An Interview with Mona Vogele

In this episode, Christina Martini and Mona Vogele discuss:

  • Mona’s background and the work that she has done over the course of her career.
  • The top three significant challenges that leaders are facing today.
  • What to look for when hiring new members for your team.
  • How the rhythm of music is like the rhythm of leadership.


Key Takeaways:

  • Be serious about getting feedback and be serious about following feedback.
  • Creating a connection, a relationship, between leaders and teams and customers is paramount.
  • Hire people who are right for your team, even if that means hiring someone who is different from you.
  • Leadership isn’t hard, it just takes time, dedication, and heart.


“Too many leaders are overly focused on the operational side of the business, and not enough on the people side…Without the people, there is no operation.” —  Mona Vogele


About Mona Vogele:  Mona Vogele is a classically trained musician, former radio DJ, and veteran leader and trainer from Southwest Airlines with 20+ years of leadership and training experience. She understands the art of building an epic leadership team and what it takes behind the curtain to retain that top talent year after year. Mona’s speaking engagements and teachings ring with the fervent message that success isn’t just about spearheading an operation – it’s about a genuine connection with your people

Because you first have to strike a chord before you can lead a march.

Relationship – to our work and each other – is the ultimate fundamental. To neglect its importance implies a strange expectation that you can pack the house and then bring it down with an incredible performance without rehearsal, sound check, and knowing your band.

Influential leaders understand who needs a bass drum and who needs a snare. They grasp who’s off pitch and why. They dare to take their team upward to glass shattering octaves. Mona’s work teaches leaders to hear, discern, and inspire. Because those who possess such gifts earn their freedom and the trust of others to fine-tune where necessary.

And in doing so, they don’t just create harmony. They completely rewrite the score.


Connect with Mona Vogele:

Twitter: @MonaVogele

Facebook: Mona Vogele


Instagram: @monavogele 

LinkedIn: Mona Vogele

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Connect with Christina Martini:

Twitter: @TinaMartini10


LinkedIn: Christina Martini




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About the author, Christina Martini

For nearly 25 years, Christina (Tina) Martini has been an intellectual property attorney practicing in BigLaw. Tina is a partner at the law firm McDermott Will & Emery and focuses her practice on domestic and international trademark and copyright law, as well as domain name, Internet, social media, advertising and unfair competition law.

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