053 Creating a Greener World with Women at the Helm – An Interview with Joan Michelson – Pt. 2

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In this episode, Christina Martini and Joan Michelson discuss:

  • Different type of legal issues Joan is confronted with in her business.
  • Multigenerational workforces and communities.
  • Interfacing with people who have different ideas.
  • How assumptions can harm our interactions with others.


Key Takeaways:

  • There are different ways to protect your ideas: trademarks, patents, copyright, NDAs, etc – know what will work best for you in any situation.
  • The flow of the workforce is changing today which gives diversity to companies.
  • Treat everybody as a peer regardless of standing.
  • Attitude is more important than age.


“If your algorithms are set, mentally or technologically, to look for certain types of backgrounds, you are leaving so many great ideas, and so much great talent, on the cutting room floor.” —  Joan Michelson


About Joan Michelson: Joan is an award-winning business and communications leader, public speaker and host of the acclaimed podcast series, Green Connections Radio™, which was chosen in 2015 as one of the top six podcasts by USA Today, especially for business travelers. On her podcast, she has engaging, insightful discussions with top innovators and leaders in the “green” and energy space, especially women.

Her blogs can be seen in Forbes, The Huffington Post and The Atlantic, among others.  She has also been a featured guest on other podcasts and has blogs on Medium and LinkedIn as well, though most are on her website, greenconnectionsradio.com. Her specialties are: innovation, clean energy, sustainability, electric vehicles, corporate responsibility, leadership, STEM careers, business, communications, and women in business.

As specialist in the corporate responsibility, energy and sustainability space – and a lifelong advocate for women in leadership – Joan has worked with many different companies and organizations, both large and small.

Joan is also the author of an upcoming book due out this summer, “The Superwoman and Other Writings of Miriam Michelson,” about Joan’s great-great aunt, a prominent reporter who personally kept the suffrage movement in the headlines, interviewed Susan B. Anthony extensively and was a best-selling fiction writer about women’s empowerment.

As an interesting aside: Joan is a descendant of three prominent siblings: Albert A. Michelson was the first American scientist to win the Nobel Prize (physics, 1907), Charles Michelson was FDR’s White House Communications Director/Press Secretary; and Miriam Michelson literally kept the women’s suffrage movement in the headlines, as a reporter for the San Francisco Call and the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Connect with Joan Michelson:

Website: GreenConnectionsRadio.com

Book: The Superwoman and Other Writings by Miriam Michelson

Show: Green Connections Radio

LinkedIn: Joan Michelson


Connect with Christina Martini:

Twitter: @TinaMartini10

Website: www.paradigmshiftshow.com

LinkedIn: Christina Martini

Email: christinamartini.paradigmshift@gmail.com



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About the author, Christina Martini

For nearly 25 years, Christina (Tina) Martini has been an intellectual property attorney practicing in BigLaw. Tina is a partner at the law firm McDermott Will & Emery and focuses her practice on domestic and international trademark and copyright law, as well as domain name, Internet, social media, advertising and unfair competition law.

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